Are you ready to dive into working on large-scale intuitive work? 


Would you like to discover new approaches towards developing your intuition?


Are you ready to let go of any precious passages in your work and dive deeper into process?

In addition to challenging you visually, this workshop will further expand your knowledge of working large on paper.

Class discussions will take place that focus on how your content and visual language intersect. The class will use a series of personal prompts that help you realize new paradigms that might exist within your work. The underlying theme of the class is to take chances while working large.

We will address each participants' work within the class and discuss best practices for moving the work forward.

In the five 90 minute live classes, discussions, lectures, demos and in-depth Q&A, you will broaden the foundation of your creative practice. This course will also include a resource guide identifying where to get the best materials and supplies, 3 months of access to the class recordings. Course is limited to 20 students.

Jeff Hirst - Printmaking & Painting

Topics and concepts covered in the course:

  •  Working large
  • Developing intuition and new approaches towards creating
  • Getting and staying loose
  • Working large, maneuvering through space using the whole body and unusual tools and materials
  • Encourage risk-taking and letting go of preciousness
  • Developing rich surfaces, content, and strategies that carries over to the future
  • Resolve works that appear chaotic
  • Develop personal process that can be utilized in future works
  • Learn how to translate smaller drawings into large scale work.
  • Use line, shape, and color in unique approaches.
  • Class exercises to further inspire and brainstorm possibilities.
  • Further revealing and defining your voice through unusual juxtapositions.

This class is an excellent fit for artists who have a desire to work large on paper and are looking to shake up their current creative process.
We will have several short pre-recorded videos for you to watch and much of the class will be spent looking at work, discussing ideas, and brainstorming "what if" approaches towards your work . 

"We will discuss how you can take risks while working large to create dynamic pieces. The class is really about process rather than products and the information we will share will stay with you for years to come."

~ Jeff Hirst and Paula Roland


Jeff Hirst - Printmaking & Painting

This course is closed for enrollment.



Q: How do I access the class?

A: Once you purchase the class, you will have access to the course content (pre-recorded, handouts, and live meetings. Each unit shows the day, time, and how to join the live session on Zoom.


Q: How much experience do I need working large on paper?

A: If you feel good about taking chances and living on the edge while creating, you will find the class enlightening. Paula and Jeff will address ideas about working large during the class.

Q: I have more questions. How do I reach you?

A: You can email Jeff at [email protected] or [email protected]


My enrolling in Brave Space with Jeff and Paula was both serendipity and destiny. I had been thinking about big work, on large paper, and this workshop gave me the impetus to really do it! Brave Space pushed my thoughts into action, and has encouraged me to embrace expansive surprise and open invention.

Joan Stuart Ross

Jeff Hirst is one of my favorite teachers! His love of the work comes out in the enthusiasm he shows for the work of his students, and his patience helps us through the rough patches when we want to be as good as he is. His unique combination of artistic and teacher skills make classes a joy to participate in. I always look forward to spending time in Jeff's classes. 

~ Nancy D. ~

Jeff is an accomplished and talented artist who shows firsthand how a creative artist pushes the limits and experiments in a fun and safe way!

~ Kathy E. ~

Jeffrey Hirst fostered a learning environment that allowed for experimentation with various media. And if it worked out - fine, and if not, he exhibited great patience and encouragement for my trying it differently next time. I also appreciated his honest and candid feedback about my work. That is how I learn best. And finally, Jeff was personable with a great sense of humor. Our class had a wonderful week working with him.

~ Carol R. ~

The workshop was one of my all-time favorites! I feel energized and feel the courage to continue experimenting! I needed this!!!

~ Michele B. ~

I appreciate how your class welcomed all levels and showed how anyone can improve and expand their artistic language from your teachings. And thank you for your friendly, patient, and generous attitude and making the class fun. There was a good vibe and we learned a ton! Your workshop was a creatively magical experience and I was so sad to see it end.

~ Dawn B. ~