Are you interested in continuing to apply what you've learned with color mixing in practical painting studies?

Through demos, guided exercises and assignments, take what you have learned and use your new found knowledge to synthesize your color understanding into your work.

Helen Dannelly

Join Helen Dannelly for this 5-week color application workshop.

This course will meet virtually via Zoom on Wednesdays, April 13 - May 13 from 2:00 - 3:30pm (CST)

"Color theory knowledge and exercises are essential for any painter to achieve the results they desire. There is so much more to color than one initially learns. The potential is incredible! You realize how you can combine different colors together to create subtlety and harmony or dissonance. Students get excited when they realize how how much more they can achieve with small shifts of hue, value, and saturation."

~Helen Dannelly

Concepts covered in this course:

  • Choosing specific primary triads and complementary hues to create harmonious palettes in your own compositions
  • Creating a proportional color inventory and paint a design with those hues
  • Completing a painting with altered colors using a chromatic gray to unify the palette
  • Creating your own free studies to implement concepts of your choice from earlier lessons

Helen Dannelly
Helen Dannelly


Helen Dannelly draws on over 30 years of professional experience in helping you realize your artistic goals. Helen’s teaching is informed by a unique combination of training that she utilizes in guiding you conceptually and technically. She received a BA in Women’s Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She studied painting at San Francisco State University (working with Bay Area photorealists) and sculpture at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Read more about Helen here.

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What students are saying about color-theory courses with Helen Dannelly:

"This course is fabulous and I am learning so much - which is usually the case when something is a challenge. So glad I’m taking it. Highly recommend it."

~ Lacy J. ~

"Just want to say how much I’m enjoying Implementing Color. You are an excellent teacher and the curriculum you’re sharing is helping me to grow by leaps and bounds."

~ Jan. M.

"I took Demystifying Color and it was fabulous. I signed up to take Implementing Color as well. Helen is an excellent teacher."

~ Mikey B. ~

"I agree with Mikey! I learned so much in Helen’s Demystifying Color course. I look forward to participating in her Implementing Color workshop! Helen is definitely an excellent instructor!"

~ Ingrid A. ~

"Thanks for the help and encouragement.  You are right in saying that I will never forget the concepts of this lesson! I love how academic these classes have been. Right up there with college classes."

~ Pam H. ~

"This is a great class! You are answering questions I never knew how to ask. You are such a generous teacher."

~ Suzanne D.~

I’ve loved the class, have been surprised and humbled by how much I didn’t know and how much there is to know about color. You are a dynamic teacher and the experience makes me want to take more Catalyst classes in the future." 

~ Karen N.F. ~

"Helen Dannelly’s color classes were exactly what I needed at just the right time in my development. They were a springboard for me to create more complex and nuanced artwork."

~Heather D.~


Q: What kind of experience do I need?

A: Some basic color theory knowledge is helpful. This is a great follow-up class to Demystifying Color and/or Implementing Color offered through Catalyst Art Lab or any other color theory course.

Q: Who is this class for?

A: Any artist working with color can benefit from this class. We will be using paint in exercises exploring color harmony, color schemes and strategies, and more.

Q: I have more questions. How do I reach you?

A: You can email Helen at [email protected]