Do you want to expand your palette and get beyond your own habits and assumptions with color?

When mixing paint, do you sometimes get "mud"?

Would you like to increase your skills and confidence when using color?
Helen Dannelly

Join Helen Dannelly for this 6-week color workshop for artists.

Course Features:

  • Six 2-hour sessions with time for Q&A. 
  • Live demos.
  • Prompts and exercises tailored to students’ needs.
  • Presentations & discussions exploring color theory and practice for inspiration.
  • View examples of artists employing the techniques we discuss.
  • Three months of access to the recordings of the live sessions.

During 6 live two hour sessions,

Helen discusses and demonstrates:

  • the origins of modern color theory
  • color mixing exercises to put that theory into practice
  • the three attributes of color and how to isolate and manipulate them
  • additive versus subtractive color
  • color perception and relativity
  • primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
  • complementary colors
  • muted hues and chromatic versus achromatic grays
  • the effect of lighting on color and why that matters to artists

Join this course if you:

  • Want to master the fundamentals of color
  • Want to quit getting "mud"
  • Want to understand color relationships
  • Want to learn to mix harmonious colors
  • Want to broaden your essential color vocabulary
  • Are an adventurous beginner, skilled artist, or anywhere in between
  • Want to expand your painting practice with new found knowledge
Helen Dannelly

Since my first color theory course as an undergraduate art student over 30 years ago, I've had a deep appreciation for the difference color theory can make with your painting practice. I find that artists often hit a roadblock with their work, get stymied by color and just don’t know how to resolve it. It's exciting to see the lightbulb go off as students do the color mixing exercises and realize all the subtleties they can achieve with a given palette. I love watching them dive in and create beyond what they thought was possible, to be surprised by how much further they can push their work. Once they understand how to achieve harmonious color palettes and combine color to achieve the look they are after, their painting practice just blossoms.

~Helen Dannelly

Why should I add color theory to my practice?


  • You can master the fundamentals of color through color mixing assignments in order to understand color relationships and apply those to your work.
  • Understand color interactions, perceptions, and contrasting mood to employ in your compositions.
  • Understand how to manipulate hue, saturation and value to convey your intent.
  • You can refine your ability to make subtle color distinctions.
  • You can add a new level of complexity to your work.

Helen Dannelly

This course is closed for enrollment.


Q: What kind of experience do I need?

A:This class will benefit painters and printmakers at all levels who use any type of paint or ink, although we will be using acrylic paint in the course. (Ink can be used as well.)


Q: I work in mixed-media. Will the course be applicable to my work?

A: Yes! Any artist working with color can benefit from this course. We will be doing exercises in value, saturation and hue, and more. These characteristics of color don't just apply to paint.

Q: I have more questions. How do I reach you?

A: You can email me at [email protected]


"This is a great class! You are answering questions I never knew how to ask. You are such a generous teacher."

~ Suzanne D.~

I’ve loved the class, have been surprised and humbled by how much I didn’t know and how much there is to know about color. You are a dynamic teacher and the experience makes me want to take more Catalyst classes in the future." 

~ Karen N.F. ~

"You are an excellent teacher and the curriculum you’re sharing is helping me to grow by leaps and bounds."

~ Jan. M.

"I wanted you to know I love the course and am very appreciative of the teaching and support. Then so many ways to contact you, get feedback, etc. Thank you. I am getting more comfortable with Beginner's mind."

~Adelaide S.

"This course is fabulous and I am learning so much - which is usually the case when something is a challenge. So glad I’m taking it. Highly recommend it."

~ Lacy J. ~

"Thanks for the help and encouragement.  You are right in saying that I will never forget the concepts of this lesson! I love how academic these classes have been. Right up there with college classes."

~ Pam H. ~

"Absolutely wonderful class!"

~Ann E.

"What an inspiring class. I am really learning so much and am surprised at how interesting colors are! Thank you."

- Deb P.

"The class provided the artist the foundations to explore taking work in new and exciting directions. Helen was patient in answering students’ questions and generous with her support well beyond the actual time spent together in the Zoom class. Helen shared her knowledge and time to support each student individually as we experimented. She challenged us to think in new ways and gave generously of her support when we had questions or encountered problems in our work.”

~ Laureen W. ~