One thing I tell students is that you’re not making a painting right now. Everyone gets caught up with the idea that they are making a painting. No, you are building a surface. You are creating layers. You are there present in the processing of making-marks, adding layers, and excavating—creating history with those actions. It is the whole process of covering it up and scraping it back and loving it. Eventually, a painting will emerge.

~ Lisa Pressman ~

Lisa Pressman
Lisa Pressman’s teaching style is

She recognizes that only through embracing the process, being open to exploring where that takes you is what ultimately results in the finished piece. Her approach is intuitive and improvisational.

Lisa is committed to nurturing her students, guiding them to find their artistic voice. She challenges students with prompts and exercises that result in work that is authentically “them,” which ultimately makes it more engaging.

Lisa’s career as an artist has been marked by exploring the expressive potential of a variety of mediums, among them oil,

encaustic, cold wax, and mixed-media. Her work is abstract, conceptually based, and process-driven, featuring marks, forms, colors, and patterns that are evocative rather than descriptive. While Lisa is known for her encaustic work and her oil paintings, she combines various mediums to achieve her distinctive surfaces.

Lisa Pressman

A highly respected arts educator, Lisa maintains a

vigorous teaching program. She’s been on the faculty at the former Art Institute of NY, a visiting professor at Pratt Institute and other universities, and has taught workshops in France, Mexico, Italy, and the U.S.

Lisa is an annual presenter at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA. She also is an instructor for R&F Core Instructor, Ampersand Ambassador and Silver Brush Educator.

She has an MFA in Painting from Bard College and a BA in Fine Arts (Ceramics and Sculpture) from Douglas College.

Lisa creates a dynamic and engaging place to explore while giving you detailed and insightful feedback that helps you know what you need to do to achieve your artistic goals.

Lisa Pressman


I have taken several workshops from Lisa Pressman and have always come away with a better understanding of the materials used as well as a fresh sense of where I’m going with my own art-making. She is an intuitive instructor, adapting her lessons to meet the needs of her students. Individual attention is one of her strengths. She allows ample time for exploration as we discover new techniques and methods for approaching our work. As a mentor, Lisa has helped me take my studio practice to the next level. Her questions are thought-provoking and individualized; her answers to my questions are honest and reliable. She is a valuable resource, whether I’m updating my website, preparing for an art show, or contemplating a new body of work. Her humorous yet straight-forward approach is exactly what I need.

~ JS ~

I have taken numerous Lisa Pressman workshops and have found they are a way for me to get outside my own studio practice to give me air, perspective, freedom from my own process to help scare staleness away. When I am in her workshop, I turn it over completely to Lisa as she guides the group through all kinds of drawing and seeing exercises while feeding your palette a smorgasbord of good medium and pigment. I trust each exercise, which opens me up for authentic creating and I begin to tap into a certain exciting energy. I leave all of my own control at the door of the studio when I work with Lisa so I can just relax and go with the flow. It takes days after a workshop for me to assess what I did, and inevitably, I realize I actually have a series of transformative paintings. This helps feed my studio practice with new energy.

~ KC ~

I most appreciate being told what I need to know and not platitudes of which the internet is full. You are an ideal mentor for artists who are beyond the beginning stages.

Based on your critique of some pieces, I made changes that improved many paintings. I am delighted to report that my recent show generated several sales, including some influenced by you. And I know my approach to all my work will have a more effective inner critic.

~ SI ~

Lisa was a big help when I was rethinking my approach communicating about my work to the wider world. I needed fresh eyes on my images and she brought some excellent perspective. She was present, engaged, and generous - as well as, importantly, straightforward and grounded. I ended up with some practical tools and some helpful insight, both of which I have put to use since.

~ JL ~