Have you wanted to explore silkscreen printing using streamlined processes? 


Are you looking for a portable and direct medium?


Have you mixed waterbased and oil-based media to utilize the best of both worlds?

New for 2023...an alternative way of creating silkscreen monotypes! In the new class, Jeff brings oil-based media into the mix to produce lustrous images. With the addition of oil paint or specifically R & F Pigment Sticks, the prints balance a rich color palette with juicy materiality. This new addition adds a complexity to the prints that is enhanced with printed multiple layers.

In addition to learning new processes and technical information, this workshop will further expand your development of linear imagery, color and form in your work.

The processes of silkscreen monoprints are similar to other forms of printmaking in using additive/ reductive approaches. 

In the four 90-minute live classes, content from pre-recorded demos will be discussed in lectures, live demos and in-depth Q&A to broaden the foundation of your creative practice.  This course will also include a resource guide identifying where to get the best materials and supplies.

3 months of access to the live courses recordings. Course is limited to 20 students.

Jeff Hirst - Printmaking & Painting

Topics and concepts covered in the course:

  • How to work with water-based media directly onto silkscreens without using photo stencils
  • How to use oil-based media to bring out a lustrous surface adding to the painterly quality of the prints
  • learn about mixing water and oil-based media
  • using opaque and transparent color relationships to realize complex color images
  • Create images using hand-cut stencils reflecting your own vision
  • Create prints that incorporate drawing and silkscreen printing
  • Spontaneously develop shape, line, and color
  • Emphasis on intuitive development of silkscreen prints
  • Various use of tools
  • How to create multi-layered color silkscreen prints
  • Utilizing various registration systems
  • Rapid fire sketching
  • Succession drawing and sketchbooks
  • Introduction of podcasts, books and contemporary print history
  • Composition challenges when creating silkscreen prints
  • Learn how to translate drawings into prints
  • Class exercises to further inspire and brainstorm possibilities
  • Further reveal and define your voice through unusual juxtapositions


This class is an excellent fit for those without printmaking experience, for those looking to shake up their current creative process or for those who wish to add enhanced graphic imagery to their visual iconography.
Prior to each class, participants will watch the pre-recorded content and complete the assignment for the live class session. 

“The reason I have always responded to printmaking is due to the  element of surprise that happens whenever you pull a print. Whether you’re a novice or a skilled practitioner, there is a certain unpredictability that happens with printmaking that doesn’t always happen with other mediums. There’s also a second generation mark that is being revealed. You can work on a print with multiple plates and you never know exactly how the final piece is going to turn out. It’s mysterious and magical at the same time."

~ Jeff Hirst


Jeff Hirst - Printmaking & Painting


Q: Is there much equipment required for the class?

A: No, only a small silkscreen, a squeegee, and a spray bottle.


Q: How do I access the class?

A: Once you purchase the class, you will have access to the course content (pre-recorded, handouts, and live meeting s. Each unit shows the day, time, and how to join the live session on Zoom. Classes will take place live on Zoom. The recorded live sessions will be uploaded to the course for replay.


Q: Do I need printmaking experience?

A: No, this class is a great place to enter your exploration of printmaking while at the same time be challenging for artists with printmaking experience.

Q: I have more questions. How do I reach you?

A: You can email Jeff at [email protected].


Jeff is a generous teacher, focused but relaxed. I am primarily a painter and came with very little printmaking instruction; Jeff made the principles of the specific techniques accessible and clear, yet was open and very encouraging of experimentation, including mixing printmaking types and even other media.

~ Peggy E. ~

Jeff Hirst is one of my favorite teachers! His love of the work comes out in the enthusiasm he shows for the work of his students, and his patience helps us through the rough patches when we want to be as good as he is. His unique combination of artistic and teacher skills make classes a joy to participate in. I always look forward to spending two days with Jeff. 

~ Nancy D. ~

Jeff is an accomplished and talented artist who shares his knowledge and techniques with such enthusiasm that it is contagious. Each class presented a new challenge that included suggestions to combine methods from previous lessons. With Jeff, I was introduced to monoprint, intaglio, collagraph, and screenprinting. And more! I observed firsthand how a creative artist pushes the limits and experiments in a fun and safe way!

~ Kathy E. ~

Jeffrey Hirst's class on mixed media printmaking was terrific and I would highly recommend it. He provided lots of information, guidance, and instruction on various types of printmaking. But he also fostered a learning environment that allowed for experimentation with the various media. And if it worked out - fine, and if not, he exhibited great patience and encouragement for my trying it differently next time. I also appreciated his honest and candid feedback about my work. That is how I learn best. And finally, Jeff was personable with a great sense of humor. Our class had a wonderful week working with him.

~ Carol R. ~

The workshop was one of my all-time favorites! I feel energized and feel the courage to continue experimenting! I needed this!!!

~ Michele B. ~

I appreciate how your class was accessible to beginners as well as advanced printmakers. You welcome all levels and anyone can improve and expand their artistic language from your teachings. I think our students were at various levels and I could see that it wasn't boring for advanced students as well as not overwhelming for beginners. And thank you for your friendly, patient, and generous attitude and making the class fun. There was a good vibe and we learned a ton! Your printmaking workshop was a creatively magical experience and I was so sad to see it end. I hope you enjoyed your time in Cullowhee and hope you come back!

~ Dawn B. ~

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