Gathering to share our passion for art is the foundation of

the Catalyst Art Lab Membership Community.

Creating community

is fundamental to

our mission.

At the Catalyst Art Lab

we appreciate the power of

community to propel growth and bring about transformation in your work.

The Catalyst Art Lab membership

community is for artists like you who:

share our passion for art
share our passion
for art


want a place to connect
with other artists


are looking for support,
encouragement & mentoring


want to grow creatively
& professionally


Artists have long known that true success comes from community.

And success as an artist is so much more than selling your work or getting into a gallery. It is about expressing ourselves authentically and bearing our souls through our work.

Artist communities offer a way to learn, share ideas, get feedback, push ourselves and most importantly they encourage us to grow.

The Catalyst Art Lab membership community offers you a place to connect with us and other members, to engage in discussions on topics important to you, to get feedback on your work, and where you can find support and mentoring.

The Three Pillars of the CAL Community


  • Weekly office hours
  • Weekly critiques
  • Professional Development
  • Support & Encouragement
  • Strategies for “getting unstuck”


  • Demos—tips & techniques
  • Book, videos & podcast recommendations
  • Art supply recommendations & demos
  • Monthly book reviews
  • Exhibition opportunities



  • Engage with us and other members
  • Special discussion forums on various mediums
  • Virtual conferences
  • Interviews with artists & art professionals
  • Book club

What is the Catalyst Art Lab Membership Community?

The CAL Membership Community

is a members-only community hosted on a private platform designed for artists like you with content thoughtfully curated by the Catalyst Art Lab Team to serve your needs and interests.

Members engage in robust and lively discussions on topics ranging from medium specific forums, marketing and selling your work, professional development and tips and techniques to member spotlight, requesting feedback, and book, video and podcast recommendations.

Each month you have access to:

  • Weekly office hours with one of the CAL Team artists. Ask us anything about your art practice or come for a discussion on a specific topic. Let us know how we can we help!
  • Weekly live critique sessions. Submit your work to participate in our weekly critique and get exactly the feedback you’re looking for.
  • Member Spotlight - a chance to learn about your fellow members and share more about yourself.
  • Tips, Demos and Techniques – access to demos on processes and practices in various mediums.
  • Monday Mashups - a variety of challenges, prompts, information and inspiration to move the work forward.
  • Interviews with Artists and Arts Professionals. Insights into the art practice of working artists, their work, and careers. Learn from their successes and experiences. Art professionals such as gallerists, curators, etc. share their insights about the art world.
  • Book Club – a group for those interested in discussions around art books read each month.
  • Panel Discussions that include topics of professional development, opportunities and areas of concern for the practicing artist.

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