Are you ready for a new approach to creating, thinking, and moving?

During four live 90-minute sessions, learn how to get out of your head and into the creative zone. Make BOLD and decisive marks, add rich, varied, and expressive movements, and develop a confident and personal mark-making style.

This course includes 10 original video demonstrations during four live, online instructional meetings with Q&A. You have three months of access (from the last class) to all course materials and recordings.

The live sessions are also recorded for your review, or in case you miss a class. Additional handouts, exercises, and enrichment materials that extend beyond these sessions are also included.

Concepts covered in this course:

  • Apply Eastern philosophy to contemporary expression.
  • Develop a new vocabulary of line, texture, pattern, and value.
  • Get "out of your head" and into your work through inspiring exercises and by moving in a centered and fluid way.
  • Generate scores of ideas and a visual vocabulary for your other bodies of work.
  • Utilize numerous ink-on-paper pieces that can stand alone, or with other media such as encaustic and acrylic, or used in collage.
  • Paula will show how to mount the works to a board or panel

Be better prepared to work abstractly in any media.

Work large and make bold marks that are spontaneous and confident.

A bold mark can be a statement that pulls a piece together!


The unusual tools you make and alter

introduce you to new ways of working.

They create lines and patterns

that are unique.

They are an extension of your wrist, arm and whole body.

LISTEN your inner voice.

Do what feels right.

Explore in the moment.

Through experience and practice you will learn to trust your own judgement and your own innate sensibility.


Create a collection of works.

Build a lexicon of marks that

you can draw from.

Improve composition, balance, line,

value and your vision with abstraction.

Chi, the life energy, makes the mark, not the brush.

Mark-making is a sensory and physical experience. Gestural energy is made visible through intuition, instinct and imagination.

This course is for you if you are an adventurous beginner, a skilled artist or designer, or an art or mindfulness enthusiast of any stripe.

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Q: Should I be in my studio for the live sessions? Will we be working then?

A: You will not work during the live Zoom meeting except for a few exercises. The Live session is a time to review works from previous assignments, watch my videos of demos for the next assignment, and Q&A.

Q: When will I have access to the class material? When does access end?

A: Upon registration, you can access the supply list and begin ordering paper and brushes as needed.

Upon registration, you will receive access to a pre-class video assignment, which includes taking a meditative walk, gathering brush materials, making simple tools/brushes, and exploring marks with ink. (We will show some of your results at the first live Zoom class.)

Access to recordings and course materials ends three months after the last class.

Q: Does this course require special equipment?

A: No special equipment is required. The primary materials needed are papers, brushes, an inexpensive mop, Indian ink, and inexpensive and found materials to use to make tools/brushes. The recommended 4" brush costs about $60, but you may find a suitable substitute for less.

Q: Will we use encaustic? Do I need experience with encaustic?

A: We do not use encaustic in this course. However, everything we create and experience here is applicable and usable with wax/encaustic works on paper or panels. My follow-up courses, Dipped and Saturated, Carbon Lab, and Zen and Encaustic Monotype Mark-making, will utilize encaustic and the material and conceptual results from this class.

Q: What is the format of the class? Is it live or recorded?

A. Both are part of the course. Paula's demos are recorded (this saves time and everyone has the best view). The weekly live sessions are for Q&A, sharing of works, or additional demos and videos as needed. Upon purchase, you will have access to the welcome videos, supplies, entertaining video assignments (due at our first meeting), and a detailed agenda for the course.

The curriculum includes a Zoom link, and we will also email you the link and instructions before our first class meeting. These live sessions will also be recorded and made available so that you may review them without having to worry about taking notes.

Q: I have more questions. How do I reach you?

A: You can email Paula at [email protected]



Paula's workshops always provide the inspiration and space which allows for doors to open I

didn't even realize were closed…thank you!

~Alissa W.~

Creative sharing of techniques and thoughtful approach to art-making, chance to try tools and processes I haven’t done before, fantastic feedback about what I was doing and what I might try. 

... you know I came in frustrated and blocked and left with ideas, processes and feeling like I had my groove back.


We spent one afternoon finding our chi' through spontaneous brush work . This exercise caused a creative paradigm shift that has always stayed with me.

~ Amelia C.~

What I love about Paula Roland's workshops, in addition to her vast technical expertise and

experience as an educator, is her unique ability to cultivate an open creative space that is

supportive of both independent exploration and collaboration. I find that she attracts high caliber

artists and it is great to share time with them in Paula's comfortable studio.

~Deb ~

A belated thank-you for a wonderful workshop. You provided a great environment for

exploration and creation. I loved developing new practices of mark making and trusting myself

to try new techniques. Great inspiration! I hope we can stay in touch- maybe I'll be back for

Round Two with another workshop in a year or so.

~ Julie G.~

"The workshops were more than I could have imagined. Great teaching. You got me over some problems that you had no idea were there—me either for that matter—It was a great experience. I would do it again and probably will! Thank you."

~ Clara W. ~