"Although similar materials and techniques are used by diverse cultures, I have been fascinated by how different groups have utilized materials and processes imparting their own cultural 'fingerprint' that makes their use and expression distinctive. I like to exploit this in my own work, with a nod to a different time or culture, reinterpreting it or juxtaposing the materials or approach to convey different themes and contexts."

~ Susan Stover ~

Susan Stover
Susan's paintings and sculptures
explore themes of cultural identity
and storytelling.

"My paintings and sculptures often recall an ethnic sensibility and geometric organization. I am interested in the objects made by non-Western cultures and how they are tied to identity, status, religious beliefs, and mythologies. Adapting processes that are traditionally used in the production of textiles, I use materials and techniques that refer to a collective history with the completed painting and forms revealing themselves in the making.

Pattern and repetition are an integral part of the work as I dye fabric, melt wax, embed fibers, and construct surfaces. I am intrigued with how repetitive labor, such as stamping, stitching and constructing, can be transformational and meditative. I choose these methods because it connects me to people in other cultures who work in the same way. Because of these interests, I continually explore my own ties to history, culture, and the arena of contemporary painting and sculpture." - Susan Stover

The use of patterns and motifs in utilitarian and sacred objects from these cultures informs her work. Acknowledging the strong historical, social, and cultural references of certain mediums and techniques (for example, coiled basketry), Susan's work simultaneously references and exploits these elements.

Susan works easily between a variety of mediums, ever attentive to their history and cultural foundations. Students benefit from her extensive knowledge of art, art history, and techniques. She demystifies various techniques and encourages students to combine mediums in new ways.

Susan Stover
Susan has a BFA from Miami University and an MFA from California College of Art. Both degrees concentrated in Textiles and Painting. Drawing upon her experience and interests, she moves seamlessly between various mediums.

Combining traditional textile techniques such as batik, tie-dye, basketry, stitching and crochet, with encaustic and other paint mediums, she achieves distinctive, expressive, and engaging 2D and 3D work. Her work often crosses boundaries between painting and sculpture.

"I encourage students to explore and develop their own imagery, symbols, and motifs. The layering or repetition of their personal imagery becomes part of the conceptual foundation of their pieces."

~Susan Stover

Susan Stover
Exploring the ideas that inform your work is an essential element of Susan's teaching.

She helps you focus on the "why" of your work while you master technical skills. Students benefit from her extensive technical background.

Susan creates a dynamic, engaging place to explore new mediums, techniques, and ideas. Her demonstrations and exercises will have you looking at the mediums and your art practice in new ways. Susan's understanding of how the techniques and mediums fit into a broader context and history brings a compelling and interesting layer to her classes, materials, and processes. Class discussions enrich your understanding and further your conceptual framework.

A former faculty member at the University of California-Davis, Susan has taught workshops in Mexico, Australia, Italy, India, and across the U.S. She is also recognized as an R & F Paints Core Instructor and a Silver Brush Educator.


Sue gives so much of herself and is one of the BEST teachers you could learn from! She is a master!

~ Francesca F. ~

Sue’s studio is a great place to visit. I walked away with several techniques to add to my bag of tricks. If encaustic is your thing, add her to your list of must join workshops. 

~ Brenda H. ~

Sue Stover is an outstanding teacher and artist. She is highly organized and has all materials available. I accomplished and learned a great deal without any loss of time. I would highly recommend anything she teaches.

~ Linda O. ~